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      Lola - Projektovanje i mašinogradnja doo
      Jugoslovenska 2
      11250 Belgrade - Železnik
      Tel: +381-11-6571-421
      E-mail: office@lola-livnica-pom.com


      Predrag Maksimović

    • Metallurgy

    • This program includes equipment and machinery for non-ferrous metallurgy: the electrolysis plants, smelters and refining facilities; equipment and machinery for ferrous metallurgy - production of gray iron and steel and their processing by rolling or similar. Lola Pom produces the following metallurgy equipment and machinery:


      1. Preparation and ore agglomeration plants;

      2. Steel mills;

      3. Hot rolling mills for profiles, sheet and wire;

      4. Cold rolling mills for steel sheet;

      5. Pickled sheet device;

      6. Rolling mills for non-ferrous metal production of aluminum sheets and non-ferrous wire;

      7. Plant for lead, silver and zinc refinery;

      8. Lines for wire coiling, NK and NB type;

      9. Reducing mills for shaping of seam pipes and profiles;

      10. Jointed shafts for high torque transfer.