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      Lola - Projektovanje i mašinogradnja doo
      Jugoslovenska 2
      11250 Belgrade - Železnik
      Tel: +381-11-6571-421
      E-mail: office@lola-livnica-pom.com


      Predrag Maksimović

    • Lola Foundry

    • Casting process
      Casting process
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      Coupling ring
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      Lola Foundry has the following production program: carbon steel casting, high-alloyed steel casting, low-alloyed steel casting. The main product range consists of steel castings between 10 and 17.000 kg a piece. Currently, the capacity of our foundry is 350 t per month.

      • Mining
      • Energetic
      • Metallurgy
      • Railway and motor vehicle industry
      • Shipbuilding
      • Processing of mineral resources
      • Building material industry



      Lola Foundry is capable of performing the entire technological process from making patterns to the machining of castings. Lola Foundry consists of the following production units:

      Lola Foundry is designed to produce 8000 tons of castings annually.

      It has its own two laboratories for chemical and mechanical tests.

      Currently, the foundry has 80 employees.

      It is equipped with:
      • Pattern production unit, which has experienced staff and modern machines for making high quality patterns of various sizes and degrees of complexity;
      • Mold and core production, which is done manually and mechanically;
      • Cast steel melting unit has three electric arc furnaces producing liquid metal in a variety of qualities;
      • Finishing department is equipped with tools and devices for cleaning and sandblasting of castings, heat treatment and protection against corrosion.
        • three electric arc furnaces, the nominal capacity of 17 tons per batch;
        • 3 ovens for annealing of castings;
        • 2 facilities for pellet blasting of castings;
        • 2 mold making machines;
        • continuous mixers of 30 t / h, 10 t / h 2x4 t / h;
        • mixers for sand mixture preparation;
        • sand regeneration equipment;
        • pneumatic sand transport equipment;
        • pool for oil and water hardening, the volume of 150 m³
        • other equipment and machinery.